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Wednesday 9th October 2011 | Emma Robson

The Top 10 'Conflict Resolution Scenarios for Kids' Resources

Conflict Resolution is becoming part of the required curriculum for teachers all over the world, yet finding appropriate training material is frustrating and tricky. The good news is that  we have done all the hard work for you! We've searched the internet to give you our top 10 free online 'conflict resolution scenarios for kids' resources. These scenarios are not just limited to being taught in schools however, and can be used at home or in extra-curricular groups as part of team building exercises. They are designed to foster a mindset of reconciliation and teach mediation skills from a young age.

10. Internet4classrooms - Conflict Resolution Exercises

Over 60+ exercises, scenarios and activities dealing with conflict resolution, bullying, violence and aggression. Aimed at all age groups. Fantastic resource. 

9. Exploring the Nature of Conflict

In this lesson plan, students learn to construct definitions of conflict & violence, and well as identify what is positive about conflict and then go on to analyze a conflict that they have experienced. Aim at grades 9-12.

8. What's Good & Bad about Conflict?

In this exercise students learn how conflict can be positive and negative. At the end of it they will  create a 'conflict bulletin board' listing what they have learnt. Aimed at grade levels 2-8.

7. The Many Ways to Resolve Conflict

This is a more advanced lesson plan, aimed at building on more introductory conflict resolution material. In this exercise students will begin to a range of various conflict resolution techniques and well as begin to learn the technical vocabulary used in conflict resolution. Includes a 'Conflict Resolution Vocabulary' worksheet. Aimed at grade levels 3-8. 

 6. Tape Recorder Conflict Scenario - Acting out Conflict

After students have been introduced to the 'Problem Solving' approach to Conflict Resolution, students practice resolving conflicts with this exercise. in this scenario two students use a script to argue over a tape recorder and puppets. Students then use the techniques learnt to resolve the conflict.  

5. -  Conflict Resolution Scenarios

Useful .pdf handout that covers a number of conflict resolution scenarios for children including 'receiving a bad grade on a science test', 'Classmates borrowing items and not returning them' and 'Friends arranging plans with someone else' . The worksheets are very illustrative and bright and perfect for young children. Aimed at grade levels 6-8.

4. Think Quest - Conflict Resolution Scenarios for Schools

Think Quest have two fully scripted conflict resolution scenarios aimed at young children. The first deals with a bully taking a ball in the playground off of another child. The second involves a child pushing another child off of a swing. This site is a little for amateurish than the others listed here and is not specifically aimed at teachers. However the fully scripted nature of the exercises make it easy for children to 'act out' the scenario and so makes a fantastic resource. Aimed at young children. 

3. Conflict Gateway - Role Play Sheets for Conflict Resolution

This printable worksheet gives a range of Conflict Resolution role play scenarios for kids. Aimed at all age groups. Available off of our own site. 

2. How to Conduct a Conflict Resolution Role play

This short booklet shows you how to conductive effective role play scenarios, covering the '10 steps to effective role play'. Finishes with a list of conflict resolution exercises for children that can be carried our in the school or playground. 

1. Examiner - Peer Mediation Role Play Scenarios

These exercises are aimed at teaching children to act as peer mediators and resolve conflict among themselves. It contains 11 ideas / scenarios that suit a wide range of age groups and environments. Excellent for teaching children not just passive conflict resolution skills but also reactive techniques. 

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